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All my life now appears to be one happy moment,” Gagarin (the world’s first cosmonaut) said mere minutes before entering his spaceship. “Everything that was lived and done before was achieved for this moment alone.” We call her Delphine, mostly, but also Delphini, stinker pink, dream bread, chòudòufu, plinker, angel, bam bam, the list goes on. She’s […]

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You did it! You had professional photographs taken. You shopped photographers, organized a date, paid a session fee, planned outfits, hairstyles, accessories, got everyone to the location on time, looking great, posed and laughed. Now all you have left to do is post those photos on Facebook, kick back and let like the likes come […]

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Kodak recently brought back Ektachrome Slide Film. On a whim, I grabbed a roll of 35mm the last time I was in my local film supply store. I was completely unprepared for how much I would love it. I am just floored by the tones, the perfect rendering of skin colors, and way it handles […]

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Let’s discuss winter in Sacramento. Like so many eager Amazon customers, I may have just opened this thing, but I’m ready to review. Here’s the deal, so far, with winter in Sacramento. It’s mild. You’ll probably want to wear a jacket, but you may leave the house, get into the car, drive to a location, […]

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I don’t know if I’ve ever met a dad who was particularly excited about sitting for his family portrait. I genuinely believe dads value the photographs, or will with time. No one, in my family, is more likely to walk you through each and every one of the old family photographs than my father in-law. […]

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Whenever possible, my personal location scouting mantra goes, take pictures near water. Light is the most essential tool in a photograph. Bodies of water operate like huge, wet mirrors, refracting luminosity in unusual directions. The lambent quality of water contributes a visual surreality to a photograph. That, in turn, invites the curious viewer to look […]

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I love looking at double exposures so I decided to create a roll of them on film. For these photographs I pulled the string lights off our tree and shot them against our dark grey bedsheets. The next day, I used the same roll of film to photograph our lunch at Drake Barn. You can […]

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We spent yesterday wandering around a Christmas Tree Farm, trying to pick out the perfect one to take home. It was the sort of bright, mildly chilly, smell of a wood burning stove on the wind kind of morning only the best winter memories are made of. I definitely want to bring families up here […]