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These images are from the last of the Self-Love Sessions, a series of fine art boudoir minis, completed over the course of a long weekend, beginning in San Francisco, moving on to Sacramento, and finishing up in adorable historic Folsom. The architecture of the studio space in this 19th century building contributes a European feel, […]

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Kodak recently brought back Ektachrome Slide Film. On a whim, I grabbed a roll of 35mm the last time I was in my local film supply store. I was completely unprepared for how much I would love it. I am just floored by the tones, the perfect rendering of skin colors, and way it handles […]

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Last week, my mom and sister visited from Chicago. We took a little hike along Lands End Trail, through the quintessential San Francisco fog, and down at least a hundred stairs to Lands End Beach. We stopped in little alcoves on the way down. There is such an incredible diversity of light and nature on […]

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Ah, the holidays: twinkling string lights, deckled halls, sequin dresses, roasted meat, that one drunk, combative relative, and maybe even chestnuts roasting on an open fire. This winter I challenge you to improve the quality of your holiday captures, even if you’re only using the camera in your iPhone. 1. Get comfortable with your camera […]

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I’m a fine art photographer at heart. I document real situations but I also pose my subjects, drag them into pools of light, direct their behavior, and move their furniture. I create photographs that adhere at least as much to my artistic interpretation of the moment as they do to the reality. My husband often […]

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I love looking at double exposures so I decided to create a roll of them on film. For these photographs I pulled the string lights off our tree and shot them against our dark grey bedsheets. The next day, I used the same roll of film to photograph our lunch at Drake Barn. You can […]

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In yesterday’s post, I shared why you must print your photographs. Today, I’ll share some tools to have those prints made easily and well. First let’s review the tiny, technological bundle of solutions that are apps. Apps & Sites Ink Cards: this app was a complete game changer for me. I had always found thank […]

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As fall transforms quietly into winter we begin the work of the holidays. In 2017, this included purchasing 1.6 billion greeting cards, many of which included a photograph, or rather, the annual photograph of a family. Like much of the holidays, the work occurs quietly behind the scenes only to be revealed in a flourish […]