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On more than one occasion I’ve spoken to a client who worried her toddler wouldn’t be able to “handle” an upcoming photo session. I want to clarify here that your toddler won’t be expected to follow my directives, “sit still” or otherwise behave in any preordained way. In fact, your toddler is invited to be […]

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My favorite subjects to photograph are women and children. There are exceptions to this rule (for example, my husband who has posed for literally thousands of photographs and I’ll never have enough.) Generally, though, I gravitate towards women and children because of their exquisite softness. When I spend time with someone, I slowly begin to […]

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What is the purpose of the family portrait hung in your home? Let’s agree if you wanted a reminder of what the whole gang looks like, you’d just get a big mirror. And yet, many families proudly display photographs that do little more than document the weight gains and haircuts, the relentless march of time […]

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How did you develop your essential style? For most of us, three fundamental processes guided our evolution. One: aspiration. We looked at books, watched movies, studied our mother and our best friend’s mother, we looked to our friends, to movie stars, and we examined individuals on the street. Two: experimentation. We gave things a shot. […]

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Let’s consider an extremely slippery adjective: cool. At first glance, it’s an entry level descriptor at best. It’s a wooly, subjective soup of characteristics that meld into an irreproducible je ne sais quoi. Uniqueness is essential aspect of cool, and that’s part of the trouble. Yet, when you come across “cool,” it’s both plainly apparent, […]

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As I was writing the title of this post I worried it sounded like the beginning of a knock-knock joke, “two film photographers walk onto a hill…” but it DID happen. I recently had the pleasure of photographing fellow film photographer Tatiana Johnson, and her youngest son, at the top of Corona Heights Park (formerly, and […]

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I know what you’re thinking: these are models or something, right? Because this family looks professionally elegant. The answer to that is no, but also, a little bit yes. Denise is a therapist and Paul is a financial analyst. They’re a real married couple with two of the most strikingly beautiful and joyful boys I’ve ever seen. And […]

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I began shooting families professionally because I loved taking, and especially having, beautiful photographs of my own family. There is something very counter-intuitive about the experience of studying a photograph over and over again. Here’s this single, static moment in time, something you would have forgotten, not only the details of but often the entire event, […]

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Before we look at these images, can we just stop to acknowledge that Goldie is absolutely one of, if not THE, cutest baby name? That’s just science. This particular cherub cheeked Goldie is named after her late great-grandmother (a hilarious, loving woman who also happens to be my great-aunt.) One thing I appreciated in our session was […]

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What a pleasure to spend a morning in the park, exploring, with these three. I could immediately tell Taylor and Dave’s toddler, Dash, was an adventurous spirit. What struck me, as I observed these three enjoying sprawling Prospect Park, was how each family member took turns inviting the others into their observations. As I watched them chat, […]