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This client contacted me after bringing home her adorable brown lab puppy. Puppies seem to grow up overnight! I would know, as we’re currently fostering four puppies (and their mom) for the Sacramento SPCA. When our pups came home with us, at four weeks old, they only nursed and slept. Occasionally one would try to […]

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Beautiful family session in Sacramento by Rachel Sima Photography

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All my life now appears to be one happy moment,” Gagarin (the world’s first cosmonaut) said mere minutes before entering his spaceship. “Everything that was lived and done before was achieved for this moment alone.” We call her Delphine, mostly, but also Delphini, stinker pink, dream bread, chòudòufu, plinker, angel, bam bam, the list goes on. She’s […]

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This beautiful family lives just south of Sacramento, in Elk Grove. We planned to meet Christmas day (what with none of us being Christian, the 25th of December our calendars were empty.) This will not come as a surprise to you, if you’ve read the news in the last couple of years, but White Christians […]

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I don’t know if I’ve ever met a dad who was particularly excited about sitting for his family portrait. I genuinely believe dads value the photographs, or will with time. No one, in my family, is more likely to walk you through each and every one of the old family photographs than my father in-law. […]

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Mid-way through our session, a tour of the couple’s favorite Lake Merritt spots in Oakland, Dorothea posed an important question for me: “how do we know each other again?” We met in our late teens/early twenties and stayed connected, in the way people do, via social media. It took a little searching but eventually we […]

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The way America tells it, a young woman is expected to exude sensuality, until she becomes a mother. Then she is swiftly transitioned into a self-effacing nurturer, waving away any attention with a gesture of deference to her children. The incredible feats celebrities go to in order to “snap back” from their pregnancies (remember when […]

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For many women, the evolution of becoming a mother is intense and complex. I know, for myself, I felt awash in a sea of gratitude for my daughter and simultaneously ashamed of what I perceived as the “physical toll” the pregnancy and childbirth had taken on my body. For the year following her birth, I […]

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In yesterday’s post, I shared why you must print your photographs. Today, I’ll share some tools to have those prints made easily and well. First let’s review the tiny, technological bundle of solutions that are apps. Apps & Sites Ink Cards: this app was a complete game changer for me. I had always found thank […]

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Almost a year ago, as I shuffled around my Brooklyn kitchen cleaning up after dinner, I listened to an episode of the podcast My Parenting Mojo titled, “What are the benefits of outdoor play?” that stayed with me. My maternal grandparents lived on a farm and, growing up, my brother and I spent many days […]