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Last week, my mom and sister visited from Chicago. We took a little hike along Lands End Trail, through the quintessential San Francisco fog, and down at least a hundred stairs to Lands End Beach. We stopped in little alcoves on the way down. There is such an incredible diversity of light and nature on […]

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Today is the last of my thirty, consecutive day, blogging extravaganza. If you’re reading these words, you stayed with me, and are now a fully vested member of the tribe. I commend you. And I have a little something for you. Like a fine bottle of wine, I reserved these last photos for the perfect […]

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I’m a fine art photographer at heart. I document real situations but I also pose my subjects, drag them into pools of light, direct their behavior, and move their furniture. I create photographs that adhere at least as much to my artistic interpretation of the moment as they do to the reality. My husband often […]

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Whenever possible, my personal location scouting mantra goes, take pictures near water. Light is the most essential tool in a photograph. Bodies of water operate like huge, wet mirrors, refracting luminosity in unusual directions. The lambent quality of water contributes a visual surreality to a photograph. That, in turn, invites the curious viewer to look […]

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I love looking at double exposures so I decided to create a roll of them on film. For these photographs I pulled the string lights off our tree and shot them against our dark grey bedsheets. The next day, I used the same roll of film to photograph our lunch at Drake Barn. You can […]

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As fall transforms quietly into winter we begin the work of the holidays. In 2017, this included purchasing 1.6 billion greeting cards, many of which included a photograph, or rather, the annual photograph of a family. Like much of the holidays, the work occurs quietly behind the scenes only to be revealed in a flourish […]

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We’re headed to San Francisco to spend Thanksgiving with my dad. He moved to San Francisco when I was fifteen, landing in the Mission District, in an apartment overlooking Mission Dolores Park. I would say, ‘the neighborhood has really changed’ but it’d still be too extravagant of an understatement. The park, physically, has since added […]

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I began shooting families professionally because I loved taking, and especially having, beautiful photographs of my own family. There is something very counter-intuitive about the experience of studying a photograph over and over again. Here’s this single, static moment in time, something you would have forgotten, not only the details of but often the entire event, […]

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This is Claire and Fiona. Claire actually isn’t Fiona’s Mom, she’s her caretaker. She’s also a woman who has built her entire work-life around supporting women through pregnancy and child rearing. She teaches pre and post-natal yoga, and supports families as a postpartum doula and nanny.  Claire reminded me of the concept of ikigai. Have […]