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I got to be IN the photos! Yay! Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure of joining my community in celebrating the release of the latest issue of Dream Broad Magazine. I was doubly overjoyed because a photo essay of mine appears in the new issue. I couldn’t wait to hold that gorgeous, colorful magazine, with […]

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How do you prioritize what is truly important in this life? For me, the most important thing is the time I share with my family. I became a photographer because I believe that putting my energy, money and time into creating permeant artifacts from these moments we share is, by far, the most important investment […]

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Below are a list of tips to get the very best Back-to-School Pictures.

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Are you on DePop yet? I just created an account. It’s a “global marketplace” (read: resale clothing) that feels like Instagram made a mid-life career change and became eBay. If you decide to give it a whirl, you can find me @acuratedself. We’ve been in Sacramento a year now, and it’s safe to say we’re […]

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Not enough has been said, on this blog or elsewhere, about the beauty of Sacramento’s parks and green spaces. They are innumerable, chalked full of red wood shade, and spotted with palms. There are those with elaborate rose and cactus gardens, lily pad ponds, beachy river access, playgrounds and community pools. I recently photographed the […]

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A friend of mine once said, of eye color or maybe nose shape, God knows best. I do see her point. The people who look the best are typically the ones inhabiting a version of themselves that doesn’t deviate too far from the original. Nothing drives this point home as resoundingly as watching the tragic […]

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I had the pleasure of photographing this family, in their Berkeley yard, the Saturday before Father’s Day. The photoshoot was booked by dad, as a Father’s Day gift to himself, because he is very, very wise. The uncharacteristically sunny afternoon was pregnant with anticipation. Both sons will leave home soon to study. By fall, the […]

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Over at Instagram (find me at @acuratedself), I’m taking over hosting duties for an account called @oursummeronfilm. The account features the work, primarily, of those of us who identify as “film mamas.” That is, professional and amateur photographers, most of whom are, yes, mothers, (but some of whom don’t have children and/or don’t identify as […]

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Remember when summer used to last ? Psychologists Wittmann and Lenhoff, out of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, found that individuals older than 40 felt that time elapsed more slowly in their childhood but accelerated through their teenage years and adulthood. This perceptual phenomenon, dubbed, “The Holiday Paradox,” is explained below: Our brain encodes […]

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Photographs are a uniquely persuasive medium. Most of us are media literate enough to know we should have a healthy suspicion of any photograph we see, and some of us relish identifying the tells of a good photoshop fail. Yet, as with all things in life, it’s easier to be a critic. When we generate […]