I got to be IN the photos! Yay!I got to be IN the photos! Yay!

I got to be IN the photos! Yay!

Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure of joining my community in celebrating the release of the latest issue of Dream Broad Magazine. I was doubly overjoyed because a photo essay of mine appears in the new issue. I couldn’t wait to hold that gorgeous, colorful magazine, with my own name and images emblazoned across it’s page, in my hands.

I constructed a “dream broad” themed photo-booth for the release party, complete with a pink back drop and fuzzy white clouds. My husband and I shared photographing the party guests in our staged dreamy pink sky.

A couple curious guests asked where they could acquire a photo pooth for their events, so I’ve added the option to rent the cloud photo booth (or a booth customized to your theme) to my website.



I had an opportunity to speak at the release party and share a little bit about why this magazine is so meaningful to me. I’ve included my words below:

My name is Rachel Sima Castro. I’m a photographer, mom, wife, and contributor to the Vibes Issue of Dream Broad. The reason I came to photography, which I share about a little in this issue, is because I believe so profoundly in the value of image creation. I believe that when you consciously construct an image, or narrative, you elevate it through that attention. I believe writing and photography are powerful forms of self-assertion. 


Photography allows me to literally share my perspective, which, as an artist, a woman, and a person of color is fundamentally different than the major cultural narratives, fueled by capitalism and patriarchy.

Dream Broad is a revelation. The voices it articulates are so different from those we’re accustomed to hearing. Unlike most “women’s” magazine we’re familiar with, the work of the magazine isn’t selling products to its readers. The voices of the contributors and subjects are conscious, female, and more often than not non-white. That is a radical perspective. Dream Broad is overtly stating that people like you and I, the community in this room right now, exist. 


In a time when so many magazines are web based, which is a way of saying they both do, and in a literal sense, also very much don’t exist. It feels so powerful to hold this gorgeous, full color print magazine in my hands. It feels like a scripture. I’m so grateful to be included in this issue, and this community. Of course we owe a debt of gratitude to Akliah and Isabel. But I also want to thank all of you here today for showing up to support this beautiful publication.

Vibes: Dream Broad Magazine Release Party